Deepcool Castle 280 Review

Deepcool Castle 280 Review

Today we going to talk about Deepcool Castle 280 review if you don't know about Deepcool in this review we will give you more information about it, Deepcool is one of the companies specializing in making professional boxes and computer cooling devices and now going in making power supplies, The company was Founded in China in 1996 during this short period and reached the Top in this field.

How Deepcool Castle 280 water cooling work?

The idea of water cooling such as the idea of cooling pipes connected to the copper base enters the cooling fluid on the one side and exits from the other side as we see the movement of liquid blue to yellow and is evidence of the exit of heat with the liquid to go to the other piece of cooling to disperse the heat radiator.

Deepcool Castle 280 Review

Unboxing Deepcool Castle 280 RGB

Deepcool Castle 280 Packaging box with a picture of the ASUS AURA logo for compatibility with ASUS boards. However, you will find that the chipset is compatible with all GIGABYTE, Aorus or MSI motherboards.

The back of the box you will find a lot of information you want to know and the size of the radiator and the pump Also should know that the lighting of the type of Addressable RGB and it need a special socket on the motherboards and become available in many motherboards now, cooling supports all types of platforms as you see Threadripper processors.

1- 2 Fans 120 mm with 1800 RPM fan speed
2- Fan Hub for installing 4 fans
3- sticker piece to install Fan Hub 
4- parts for small AMD processors 
5- installation parts for Intel processors 
6- nails to install cooling base
7- The cooling base is made of metal 
8- Thermal paste is available for use for 3 to 5 times according to the processor.
9- 8 nails to install the fans and 8 nails to install the radiator in the computer box 
10- Additional cable to increase the length of the pump or Fan Hub 
11- installation guide
12- controlled lighting of RGB type with lots of different lighting mode
13- wires To connect the cooling on the motherboard and control them from the motherboard.

Fan Hub comes with the splitter no additional cost you pay to be able to install 4 fans and using only one port on your motherboard is really great.

Cable for wire extension of the pump or Fan Hub.

The back base in which the nails are installed through the holes defined for each platform easily and then installed behind the motherboard and installed from the front to install the pump The part of the INTEL and AMD accessories are the pieces that are installed in the pump itself to correspond to the part at the bottom of the motherboard.

You will notice that there is a bend in the design of the fans, which will lead to a leak of air which is what the company must deal in the next version of the fans to get the best performance.

Each fan comes with two ports to control its speed and the other to run its own lighting, a 3pin RGB port

To connect the fans, a 4-port ADDRESSABLE RGB cable is used to connect the fans. You will find two connectors connected to the ASUS boards and one on the AORUS or GIGABYTE boards with 5V.
If your motherboard does not support the installation of this type of cooling, you can connect the supplied controller to control the strip lighting And the pump separately without the need for a motherboard that supports it.

The fans come with a special design, showing in the picture the shock absorbers of the rubber at the places of installation of the nails and the transparent blade to achieve outstanding performance in the lighting

Comes with the Radiator fans DF / CF140 is 120 mm in size and operates at 800 to 1800 rpm.

This is the water-cooled dispersion called the RADIATOR. It comes in 280 mm. The user can install other fans of 120 m or 140 mm.

Here the water enters one of these tubes and runs inside the Radiator and comes out of the other tube after cooling by the fans. Dimensions of the radiator as mentioned previously 146 * 323 mm Therefore you must have a computer box that supports 280 mm diameters

The thickness of the radiator is 27 mm, the place of entering the liquid and the exit from the other side do not worry it is well fixed will not get out of position or move easily also the part of the pump moves to the right and left for ease of dispersion.

The length of the liquid cooling tubes is 30 - 31mm and it has professional packaging to prevent explosion and reduce evaporation due to the high temperature of the liquid Also here you will find the Gamer Storm logo on the radiator from both sides to give a better look.

The pump is a bit big because the company wants compatibility with all the processors, including the large Threadripper processor, covering the processor platform very well, the pump life is 120 hours, and the material is ceramic. Also, you should know that Deepcool is one of the companies that manufactures all kinds of cooling

The look of pump and lighting of pump up to 36 different effects through the built-in controller

Final Review

The cooling comes in black with a large pump and has a bright Addressable RGB light for the eye as well as fans and has 36 effects for lighting

Comment on the results of the tests:

The CASTLE 280 is better than the CASTLE 240 because the size of the radiator is larger even though the fans of the Castle Castle 240 speed is faster than Castle 280 nearly 100 rpm, which gives better performance and reduce the noise

Compatibility of memories and size:

One of the advantages of water cooling is that it is compatible with the memories because it does not even come close to them either with Deepcool Castle 280 RGB will have the choice that you either stick to the memory of the large size of the pump or to stick to the energy circuit or try to circumvent the decay of this and that should be the size of the pump is less by 3 m to 5 mm For better compatibility during installation in general

the noise :

During the games, there is no sound, but when the fans turn to the maximum speed is 1881Rpm, the sound becomes a bit loud and this does not happen in the normal operating mode

Easy installation:

It will not take more than 10 minutes for installation, which is good especially if you follow the user guides, but if you want to install without the user guides, it will take a lot of time.

the quality :

The Cooler is amazing by very good quality of the price and good looking and many accessories


The fans are not the best at the sound level at 1870RPM but also acceptable. Fan design allows the air pressure to leak from the sides. However, we got better performance than Deepcool Castle 240

price :

$ 130 , making the best choice if you like water cooling and beautiful looking.

Thanks for visiting our site and we hope you know all information about Deepcool Castle 280 in this Review.


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