AOC AG251FG Review

Today we are going to review AOC AG251FG, this monitor targeting the professional side of players and here we talk about players in particular because it is for players who do not stand the delay response times such as curved monitor or even IPS monitors but they also for who do not care about the colors and design this monitor is not suitable for designer but designed for Esports players.

The AOC AG251FG monitor comes with a 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms AOC AG251FG response time of 24.5 inches, with G-Sync, internal speakers and 400Nit illumination. In the specifications of the monitor and a small profile of the company AOC.

AOC is owned by the company TPV owned by Philips, which manufactures Dell and HP monitors.

AOC AG251FG Review

AOC AGON AG251FG Specifications

Monitor Size24.5-inch
Resolution1920 x1080 (FHD)
Panel TypeTN
Viewing Angle170/160 º
Aspect Ratio16:9 (Widescreen)
Input Lag5ms
Refresh Rate48 to 240Hz
Response Time1ms (GTG)
Adaptive SyncG-Sync
Ports1xDisplayPort 1.2 (Up to 240Hz) 1x HDMI 1.4 ( 60Hz)
Other Ports1x Headphone out (3,5mm)
2x Microphone in/out (3,5mm)
1x USB Mini
4xUSB 3.0
BrightnessSDR: 400 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio1000 :1 (Typical)/50M :1 (Dynamic)
Colors16.7 (8-bit)
Active Display Area (mm)543.744mm x 302.616 mm
Surface TreatmentNon glare
Power TypeExternal Adapter 220-240 /4.5A
Power consumption70W maximum
Adjustment-3.5° ~ 21.5° (Tilt) / -20° ~ 20° (Swivel) /0 ~ 130 mm (Height)/ Pivot
Dimension (W x H x D)566.65 x 545.21 x 218.25 mm
Weight (NW / GW)6.5kg / 8.5kg
VESAYes (100 mm x 100 mm)

Unboxing AOC AG251FG

Monitor Accessories

The Monitor comes with a lot of accessories:

  • Display Port 1.2 cable to connect the monitor
  • USB cable to connect monitor to PC to control the monitor
  • Power cable and external power adapter
  • 100 mm piece to hang the monitor if you want
  • Monitor screws
  • Monitor Driver CD and lighting control.

When you are talking about a Monitor For professional players or those who intend to professionalize the games as a profession and work for Esports, you need the perfect details such as the height of the monitor and the degree of curvature in front of you, which is available on our monitor today you will find a red indicator can move down and up and curvature degrees to see the inclination of the monitor, The part of the installation on the desktop is made of metal, the ends have rubber pieces to hold the monitor without movement from the bottom, which gives greater ease of movement of the monitor, the monitor is holded by four screws.

When you take it out of the box you have to install the Stand and its base, it comes with 4 screws and a piece of hanging monitor using VESA 100mm standard.

Monitor After installation from the front and back, in the back you will find a place to organize the wires and pass between the Stand.

Possibility of movement of the monitor

The Monitor can move forward and back by -3.5 ° ~ 21.5 ° to suit the level of vision that the user wants and this is a picture of the monitor and shows the difference of viewing angles, the viewing angles are the basis because all the monitor that use TN Panel has the same specifications in terms of viewing angles and this is normal.

Pivot mode Here you can turn the monitor up to look like this to benefit from this in browsing better if you are a reading lover.

Display ports, control buttons and other features

Our display has 2 speakers, 2w per speaker and of course modest speakers below average sound, below you will find the ports to connect the monitor with the graphics card to the right, the left is the part that provides the USB 3.0 port and connect the monitor to the PC.

From right to left you will find the following:

  • A port to connect the microphone and then the speakers.
  • DP v1.2 port, which is intended to run the monitor at a resolution of 2K display and frame rate of 240Hz.
  • HDMI-1.4 port and operates the monitor at a rate of only 60Hz refresh which is not understandable.

  • USB mini port to connect the monitor on the computer and control.
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports for connecting keyboards, mouse or speakers.

  • Microphone port
  • Port to connect the headset
  • 2 USB 3.0 ports, one for fast charging

  • The control buttons on the monitor and menus list, this is not the best way to control the monitor because they force you to push harder.

  • A side stand enablesyou  to hang headphones without a problem on the left side of the monitor.

What are the special features of the monitor to make it designed for gamers?

Gaming monitors have a number of add-ons that help players visually.

G-Sync Technology

It is an exclusive technology for NVIDIA based on the synchronization of the Monitor refresh rate and the graphics card to get a picture without distortion such as Tearing or stuttering, but this needs a graphics card that supports that technology from NVIDIA for that monitor will be preferred to the audience of the players and if you do not have a card that supports this technology The display will work like any other monitor with full features but without G-SYNC technology.

240Hz Vs. 60Hz

The refresh rate is one of the most important things that should affect your gaming experience.High refresh rate helps in smoother image display and also the help about some defects of the graphics card from the known display problems like Tearing and stuttering and AOC AG251FG comes at 240Hz which is the highest in the industry.

ٍShadow Control

Gaming techniques and Modes

Three pre-set modes for players: fps, Racing and RT, followed by GAMER mode.

Techniques to save eyes from stress for long periods

AOC AG251FG provides 20 levels to reduce colors according to the use that user wants without affecting the color of the monitor to give eye comfort.


Flicker-Free technology works to prevent the fluctuation that occurs from the monitor, although this fluctuation does not notice to Players, but it affects the eyes and makes it stressful with long periods of use of the monitor, so the benefits of Flicker-Free technology to prevent this harmful effect on the eyes.

Monitor control menus and many settings!

Here you can control everything in the monitor from the settings of the GAMMA and contrast and lighting and the most important thing to take your attention is the mode Over Drive is responsible for the response of the monitor the best mode for all uses is light or week the top modes are suitable for games more than movies and browsing to show the problem of Ghosting - of course, the menus design is completely not modern and does not fit Company Monitor with these possibilities.

Experience of the monitor and comment on the performance

In-game experience:

This time without too much talk, the monitor comes with a 240Hz refresh rate, G-Sync technology and 1ms response that will give you the best gaming experience ever if you are an Esports player and you care about performance no matter what else or cost, gaming experience on AOC AG251FG 9.5 / 10 is an excellent experience

Experience to watch movies:

Watching movies and series was good because TN panel displays do not give a large color gamut or wide viewing angles unlike the curved VA and IPS monitor.

Experiment for designers and colors :

The color of the monitor is automatically set to Warm mode Change to Normal mode and you will find that the colors are very good as a TN panel either for designers this monitor is not suitable for you or even content creators! Head to IPS monitors and TN monitors are characterized by high illumination of black color It shows a light degree such as dark gray and thus the monitor is the best for gaming, anyway give a rating of 8.7 / 10 colors

(Note that all 240Hz monitors are 99% TN-panl and have the same color coverage that is not suitable for designers)

Design and quality of monitor materials:

The design of the monitor is very good and fits your desktop if it is of a small size, but the design of the base of the monitor takes up a lot of space for both sides a bit and that the monitor uses screws to lock is not good for ease of installation and even not to lose the screws with time when you move it to other place, the monitor is stable without a problem, the control buttons on the monitor needed a button that works in all directions to suit the evolution of all the monitors and design rate by 8.5 / 10 The assessment of the quality of the material is 8.5 / 10


The sound of the speakers is relatively weak to medium and is sufficient to watch movies and when raising the sound to 100% The sound quality becomes bad, headphones can be rated 6.5 / 10 You should note that most monitors currently do not offer built-in speakers, which is a good addition to the user.

Color distribution of black

The monitor is excellent and there is nothing visible from the best monitors that I did not find any problems in the color distribution of black color

Features :

  • 240Hz refresh rate and 1ms GTG response time.
  • Nvidia G-SYNC technology.
  • 4 USB 3.0 ports in the display.
  • Headset / Microphone ports.
  • 2 Watt speakers.
  • Brightness rate 400 cd / m2.
  • The possibility of the monitor in the balance of automatic black color and allow the user freedom to control it manually.
  • Free-Flicker & Low Blue Light.
  • Monitor design is very good with a headphone holder.
  • The monitor surface is matte so it is comfortable to the eye and does not reflect the lighting strongly.
  • Display accessories of DISPLAY PORT 1.2 cables.
  • Supports wall standing using 100 x 100 VESA piece.
  • Colors are very good as a TN panel monitor.

Defects :

  • HDMI V1.4 has a maximum refresh rate of 60Hz and of course this is not acceptable for some people.
  • The menus needs to look more attractive to users.
  • The monitor is not having inside Aim in case of any problem in the game that leads to the disappearance of the Aim sign.
  • There are not many modes to customize for players only one mode.
  • Accessories with the monitor need to be developed by the company to fit the interface of players like other Company's competitors.

General disadvantages found in all TN panel displays:

  • Not suitable for designers These monitors can not display a large color range of the standard Adobe, although our monitor today has accurate colors, it produces the desired color accurately, but it can not show every degree as a gradient color.
  • Viewing angles are bad with changing your monitor position compared to VA and IPS monitors so you need to sit in front of the monitor.

Availability and price:

The global price of the monitor is $500 the lowest price we got to see, there are those who sell the monitor for 650$.


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