How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone X

How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone X

One of the common things we always do whenever we buy a new device is moving our contacts from the SIM card. While this might be a wise move, note that you may end up with multiple contacts on your iPhone X. That shouldn’t worry you though because you can easily delete multiple contacts from your iPhone X. The process is seamless and you only have to go through a few steps to complete the process. With our technique, you won’t have to spend on purchasing third-party applications that claim to help you clear your iPhone X contact list. Below is a guide that will show you how to locate, merge and delete duplicate phone contacts on your iPhone X.

Have you ever wondered why there are multiple contacts on your iPhone X smartphone? Well, one of the simple reasons is because you have connected your device to more than one email account. As a result, all contacts that are backed up on these emails will be saved on your device.

Manually deleting each of these multiple contacts individually can be quite stressful but what you can do instead is merge the two contacts which will store both in your work email as well as in your personal email address book.

Clean Up iPhone X Contacts First

iPhone X has an inbuilt tool for cleaning up contacts which can be used to identify duplicate contacts, merge them and clear duplicate iPhone X contacts. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Copy your contacts
  2. Select Contacts
  3. Go to the Card menu and select Card go to Duplicates
  4. Tap on Merge when prompted to
  5. Go through steps 2 and 3 again until you get rid of all duplicates
  6. Create a different copy the iCloud Contacts

How to Remove Multiple Contacts on iPhone X

It’s possible to easily locate, merge and delete the merged contacts directly without necessarily using a computer. To complete this task on your iPhone X, follow the instructions below;

  1. Switch on your Apple iPhone X
  2. Open the Phone app and go to Contacts
  3. Browse through your contacts to find the contacts you would like to link together
  4. Select the first contact you would like to merge then tap on
  5. Now select on Link Contacts
  6. Select all the contacts you would like to link and then tap Link
  7. To finalize the whole process select on Done


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