How To Turn OFF iPhone 11 Camera Shutter Sound

Turn OFF iPhone 11 Camera Shutter Sound

The new multi-pixel camera for the iPhone 11 has incredible visual quality. sadly, some are pissed off with the shutter sound that comes with the camera. Thankfully, we’re about to show you the way to get rid of the iPhone 11 Camera Shutter Sound so you'll be able to snap a photo stealthily.

For people living in the United States, taking silent pictures is illegal in some states, as the law provides that Smartphones with digital cameras must produce a sound when taking a picture. The following instructions will show you how to turn off the camera sound on the iPhone 11, or at least, just turn down the camera shutter sound on the device.


If you think that plugging your headphones into the iPhone 11 works, it doesn’t. Most likely than not, when you plug your headphones, all sounds coming from the device will be played through the headphones. But with the iPhone 11, this will not work, as the smartphone segregates the media audio from notification sounds, so the shutter sound of your camera can still be heard despite the headphones.

Mute / turn Down volume – iPhone 11

Simply use the lower Volume button in order to reduce the noise or mute it by pressing the lower button for a couple of seconds

Use a third Party Camera App

You can circumvent these problems by downloading an app with totally different options – that enable you to take photos silently.


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