Corsair Nightsword Review

Corsair Nightsword Mouse Review

Today we are going to review Corsair Nightsword RGB Mouse, Corsair Nightsword for professionals FPS and MOBA games and comes with a sensor from Pixart company is PMW3391, a special sensor for Corsair based on The latest PMW3389 sensor but with some modifications make it offers 18000DPi display resolution to see what Corsair has provided with this mouse!

About Corsair : - The company started in 1994 and was famous by memories and then professional cooling solutions and then reached for the accessories of gaming for PC.

Some words you need to know about:

IPS: It is an shorten for Inch Per Second and means the distance traveled within one second in a unit of measurement of inches. This means that if a professional mouse supports 400IPS speed, it means that the mouse can travel a distance of 10 meters per second through the indicator on the screen.

DPI: It is an shorten of Dots Per inch, which means the number of dots per inch, which reflects the sensitivity of the movement of the mouse pointer and the correct measure that should be used with the mouse is CPI, which is an shorten of Counts Per Inch and of course the more points read by the sensor speed indicator Mouse on the screen.

Specifications and Unboxing - Corsair Nightsword Review

At the back you find the mouse specifications, weight and display resolution and it has 8 buttons that can be programmed.

The mouse user manual explains everything about it, a special warranty guide and a luxurious box with these weights.

The length of the mouse wire is 1.8 meters and comes with a professional packaging of the fabric is the most protection but a bit solid also Corsair logo on the port in a luxurious.

Corsair Nightsword mouse and design for right hand and the design of the flow is very good for the owners of the big hand, but the size of the mouse is large for some people you will get used to it, also Corsair Nightsword mouse more than excellent you will take some time to get used to it.

Corsair Nightsword comes with Pixart PMW3391 sensor which is a sensor for Corsair based on the latest PMW3389 sensor but with some modifications and is one of the best sensors used in the mouse for players from Pixart, sensor is able to work at speeds up to 18000DPI and 400Ips rate which is a very large number, you should know that the sensor is a type of optical, which is the best and this type of sensors can work on any surface without a problem, whether bright or not unlike conventional sensors.

Corsair Nightsword weight is 115 grams which makes it someway heavy for some FPS players, but there are players who prefer this, especially if you use a high DPI rate, this will help you to move the mouse better also this weight is the same weight as the G502 mouse with the possibility of increasing the mouse from 115 Gram to 137 grams.

Below the side buttons there is a large button, which is known as Sniper Mode, which is to reduce the speed of the mouse to 400CPI, which makes the Aim process more stable There are a lot of do not use or a fan of use it.

Side buttons perform Back / Forward function both in browsers both in the operating system and work without problems with all browsers and also performs the function Next / Previous in the Media app and song buttons produced by the company Omron and comes with a lifespan of 50 million click, pressure is good but it is noticeable There is a space between the button and its key inside the mouse, which is known as Traveling Distance, which means that the user needs to press the side button hard to get the click.

The buttons at the top are for increasing or reduced the DPI accuracy and this is shown through the lights three levels, also the keys in the top middle of the mouse can change between three modes, which means that the mouse can store more than 9 DPI modes without a problem which is a very good thing for all users, the lighting of Corsair logo RGB can be customized for each mode and every speed.

The scroll wheel of the mouse designed perfectly.

Corsair software to control Nightsword RGB Mouse (ICUE)

Features :

  1. Pixart sensor 3391 which is based on the latest sensors industry 3389 and one of the best kinetic sensors for professional players.
  2. Speeds starting from 50 to 18000DPI to suit all users.
  3. Professional packaging of the mouse wire.
  4. wonderful quality of the mouse as raw materials and a final product.
  5. RGB lighting with the possibility of sync with the Corsair products. 
  6. Program to control the mouse to use Macro or customize the functions of all buttons of the mouse.
  7. The possibility of customize 3 default modes within the program for the mouse to suit the use of games.
  8. Sweat traces Does not appear on the mouse clearly will disappear within seconds.
  9. Different weights to control the weight of the mouse.
  10. Lights that determine the speed at which the mouse works when you use it appear clearly because your fingers do not cover that area.
  11. Sniper Mode feature through a single side button.

Defects :

  1. Large size for some users and perhaps someway heavy for others.
  2. The price is undoubtedly high
  3. The side buttons need to be fully pressed down to make sure they are pressed.

The price of the Corsair Nightsword Mouse is $ 80, which is a bit high price.

Corsair Nightsword RGB gaming mouse is one of the best professional mice designed for gamers and worth buying.


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